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Giggles Playcare is a structured, drop-in style childcare facility where infants to 7 year-olds can come to stay in a safe, orderly and fun environment while you run errands, go to appointments, get some work done, or even just have some time to yourself.
Kids can attend regularly, come in every once in a while,
or stay with us just once while you go on an
We also have families that use us for afterschool care
for students in our age range.
Our structured environment means that, although children may come and go all throughout the day,
we have and stick to our daily schedule
and all children in care are expected to participate. 
When it is lunchtime, we all eat; at naptime, we all rest. 
Our playtimes are regulated and
loosely organized. 
We understand that not everyone is looking for structure in a drop-in center but the vast majority of our clientele
prefers our organized approach.

Giggles' caring staff of experienced childcare professionals are ready to assist you in any way we can and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming your precious kiddos so you can go about your day with peace of mind and confidence that your little ones are in good hands. 
Registration is required and must be submitted at least one day
prior to first drop-off. 

Our Admission Form and Parent Handbook
 documents are available under the "Registration Forms" tab above.
Current vaccination records (or
notarized State of Montana exemption form) are also required for the child's file.

Who are we?

At Giggles we provide as needed childcare at affordable hourly rates in a fun safe environment

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